Longing For Something More?

Are you feeling stuck in life?
Have you ever felt like you were created for something greater but can't seem to get there? We believe you have a God-sized calling on your life. Let us help you discover that calling and get equipped to change the world!


Grow Spiritually

Imagine a life where you walk out God's calling with confidence and find healing and freedom. We believe that calling flows out of character. We will help you BE the person that can DO what God has called you to do. We do that through Biblical teaching, life-transforming experiences, and the support of a loving community.

Find Your Purpose

Are you confident in knowing what your God-given purpose is in life? We will help you discover your DESIGN through a Unique Combination of the Best Assessments on the Market and Personalized Coaching. You will also gain confidence as you discover and walk in your spiritual gifts.

Make an IMPACT

At IMPACT, you will not only discover your God-given DESIGN and learn to walk in your spiritual gifts, but you will also have a broad range of practical, hands-on experiences that will prepare you to live a life of significance.

IMPACT is a nine month, intensive discipleship experience that will transform the way you think about God, life, and yourself!

Your Next Three Steps

Dedicate 9 Months

Giving God 9 months to change your life is the key to transformation! Without a real commitment to try something different there won't be any real change in your life.

Get Equipped

Once your enrollment form is submitted, you’ll get an email with your next steps and a link to schedule a call with an Admissions Team Member!

Make an IMPACT

Get accepted, register for classes and pay your tuition fees. Then you can begin living out who God has designed you to be and do what He's called you to do.

Want to learn more?

IMPACT Podcast

Listen to some encouraging God-stories from IMPACT Alumni Around the world. You will be inspired and challenged as you hear from people just like you who took a step of faith, dedicated 9 months of their life to seek God and watched Him work!


Jesus commanded us to make disciples…teaching them to obey all that He commanded us. At IMPACT, we believe that truth isn’t learned until it’s lived. Our curriculum is about more than just gaining information; it’s about life transformation.

Wilderness Trips

Backpacking trip on Catalina island where you will get away from the everyday distractions of life (work, cell phones, emails, etc.), develop lifelong friendships, and spend an entire day of uninterrupted time with the Lord.

IMPACT Pricing and Payment Options

Cost Breakdown

  • Enrollment Fee $95
  • Wilderness Trips $750
  • Course Materials $450
  • In-class Instruction and
    Out-of-the-box Experiences
  • DESIGN Assessments $500
  • Total Price $3,295

Option 1: Pay Up Front


one time cost

This option saves you $300 off the cost of tuition by paying the full amount up front. Simply pay your enrollment fee and then pay the rest of tuition before your first course begins. This is a great option if you want to get the up-front savings.

Option 2: Pay "As-You-Go"


flexible payments

This option gives you the flexibility to pay “as-you-go” through the program. Simply pay your $100 enrollment fee and then pay your tuition in two installments. This is a great option if you’re wanting financial flexibility.

Take Our FREE Growth Assessment

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll get an assessment of your spiritual health. Then we’ll send you custom-tailored recommendations designed to help you grow in these three key areas:

  • Thriving in Your Relationship with God
  • Growing in Your Relationship with Others
  • Knowing and Living in Your God-given Calling
Many Christians don’t have a clear path to grow spiritually and end up missing out. IMPACT provides training, so you can know your purpose and live the supernatural life God intended.
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