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Located in San Diego, CA, IMPACT School of Discipleship was designed to help you take your spiritual life to the next level! Through intensive Bible teaching, community-based discipleship, personal mentoring, weekly outreaches, mission trips and lots of prayer your life will be radically transformed. Our promise to you is that when you genuinely set aside nine months of your life to seek God, you will find Him in a powerful way. During that time you will:

  • Get to know the Bible like never before
  • Make amazing friends that will last a lifetime
  • Do incredible things in Jesus’ name
  • Fall madly in love with God all over again

What makes IMPACT different is that we provide you with a clear path through our curriculum and one-on-one discipleship and mentoring to solidify what you are learning.

Over the last 17 years, we have honed our program to produce maximum growth. You will get insightful biblical teachings, out-of-the-box experiences, life-changing retreats, and personal mentoring all while being in a community of like-minded believers.

God has used this school to transform people from all age groups and career paths. Our Alumni range from 18 years old to 74! We have Alumni that are living out their calling in the marketplace, in ministry, and on the mission field.

IMPACT provides the equipping you need to know your purpose and confidently live the supernatural life God intended.

Helping people know Jesus, grow in faith, and go into the world equipped to serve.

Many Christians don’t have a clear path to grow spiritually and end up missing out. IMPACT provides training, so you can know your purpose and live the supernatural life God intended.
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